Sikom StatusOne – „One“ synchronised status for MS Teams, telephone and smartphone

Sikom StatusOne controls the status between the different communication systems within the whole company.

The number of communication systems is continuously increasing, video conferences have grown rapidly and an overarching control of the conversation status in the systems is missing – there is an enormous need here.

Microsoft Teams is on the rise

With the use of MS Teams, another communication system has found its way into companies. It complements telephones and smartphones. Often, these are all isolated solutions whose status is not linked to each other.

The conversation status should be synchronised

As a result, the user’s „Free“ or „Busy“ status is mapped in isolation in each application and is not visible to third parties. A comprehensive control of the presence status across all systems is often not possible. Hence, a call „rings“ on the landline phone and cannot be answered if the person is already in an MS Teams conversation. Or colleagues do not realise that the person is not available. These situations lead to superfluous activities with loss of time and concentration. From the customer’s point of view, it causes dissatisfaction.

The solution is simple

Sikom StatusOne loosely couples, for example, a classic telephone system with an MS Teams client. The synchronisation is realised by monitoring the telephone system via CTI and monitoring the presence status in MS Teams. Both pieces of information lead to a consolidated status for each user and thus enable synchronisation on both sides. A user can immediately see whether the desired partner is currently on a call or free. In addition, classic telephone calls are only delivered if no MS Teams communication is in progress. If this is the case, the call is diverted via CTI to a free colleague or a mailbox, for example.

The integration of any number of smartphones into the synchronisation can be done via an easy-to-use app.


Synchronising the status of voice applications and devices is easy. Customers are more satisfied and employees work together smoothly and in a concentrated manner.

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