Intelligent Workload Distribution in Customer Service

Leave your customers free to choose their communication channel and increase efficiency in customer service with Sikom AgentOne® through cross-channel workload distribution and control.

In customer communication, offering all channels is an important step. Efficiency and customer satisfaction only go „hand in hand“ if process control and reporting are also thought out and solved across channels.


We offer a focused implementation

  • Relieving team and group leaders from manual distribution of customer requests
  • Reducing the resources required for control
  • Distributing all customer requests optimally across the entire customer service
  • Preventing workload peaks through intelligent distribution throughout the entire customer service
  • Controlling the cross-media workload integrally through intelligent and automated distribution

Managing diversity efficiently

Customer service centres today offer all channels: Phone, chat, WhatsApp, customer portal, website, email and still letter and fax.

This poses two challenges. On the one hand, the channels should be available to all customers at all times. On the other hand, only the most competent service employee will handle a request efficiently. Routing must therefore ensure that the handling of the request meets the customer’s expectations and that the defined service levels are maintained.

Cross-channel reporting

Reporting on cross-channel control according to defined service levels and the degree of fulfilment remains a challenge. The historically grown separation of processing between written and spoken communication with separate control/routing logic and reporting processes often stand in the way.

In addition to handling all channels, Sikom AgentOne® also uses the data necessary for controlling from the pre-processing of written customer requests.

This enables cross-channel and cross-media workload distribution and control. A set of rules is stored centrally and reporting is done from a single source.

Your advantages

  • Efficient processing by competent staff
  • Reporting includes service levels, degrees of fulfilment and differentiation by priority and customer segment
  • Prevention of manual workload management by team leaders
  • Use of intelligent automated and cross-channel workload management
  • Central management of rules and use of a comprehensive database for reporting and MIS


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